A Top 10 List of Characteristics of a Law Student (Translated)

I originally saw this blog content on a foreign language law student blog. I’ve tried to translate it as best I can into English as I think it relates really well! It has some nice synergy with the Cambridge blog post I put up last year.


In theory if you go to business school, for example, you should not develop too weird passion for digital marketing and cost accounting. Or maybe, if you’re a zany hair but who cares it’s not the point. The sweet little students who are moving to the right, they, however, grow through small typical of the way, who are perplexing the world.

  1. Law student has integrated the lawyers have their own humor to them, “I have never eaten with a corporation AHAH” Yes, even he laughed too, perfectly.
  2. Law student develops a side very, very, very litigious – A delay of 5 minutes from the train? Please accept this amicable meeting.
  3. The student in Paris right must choose sides
    Assas or Sorbonne. Few people understand why many are taking this rivalry seriously.
  4. Law student is at the end when we ask him questions relating to why its orientation
    No, I did not want to become a lawyer … It’s a little more complicated than that, and I’m not yet in Master, leave me all alone. No, not judge.
  5. Law student highlights, underlines, highlights
    the annual budget of a law student only for Luxembourg borders the wingtips of GDP.
  6. Law student is nervous when not using the right words
    Once and for all: a contract and a law has stipulated. But shit, what!
  7. Law student is the only evening that stops dancing on Happy Pharrell Williams
    He knows that lawyers are pursuing the singer who used people for his song clips without paying, and it now too afraid of reprisals to take any risk.
  8. Law student has little interest in his colleagues AES
    When studying him Montesquieu, Carbonnier, Rousseau believes that AES students read Tintin, Scrooge and Martine.
  9. Law student is schizophrenic
    At 10:00 there is a proud student of his industry but at 19.00 (after 3 hours of 6am and amphi TD) is on Onisep to reorient.
  10. Finally, the law student is legit

He promised you a top 10. That’s 10.

Do you recognize yourself?

What It’s Like to be a Personal Injury Lawyer in the United States

I have absolutely no intention of practising as a personal injury solicitor or lawyer in the United States as I am far too settled in the UK, but still found this video very interesting about how it is for American law students who are aspiring to become personal injury lawyers (I’ve already featured a video about UK law students).

More Info on US Personal Injury Lawyers

usflagIf you suffer an injury where a third party is suspected of being at fault, the victim can call a personal injury lawyer to work on the case. These professionals are different from civil prosecutors or attorneys workers compensation.

If you want to receive compensation for pain and suffering plus financial damages, then you definitely need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

To give you an idea, here are a few cases where a personal injury lawyer can be of great help:

  • Automobile accidents. injury lawyers are often required for these cases. When a person is injured in a car accident, he can always call a personal injury lawyer to help with the case.Especially, people who suffer from back or neck injuries, cuts, bruises, abrasions or breaks, accident seek monetary compensation in settlement for the injury. Not just one person, but also a car may be represented by a personal injury lawyer.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents. injury lawyers are very popular for automobile accidents. But they do cover other types of cases involving injuries like accidents slip and fall. An example of this is that if a person falls on slippery ground of the Bank or the supermarket. The personal injury lawyer should prove that the accident was caused by the negligence of the establishment so that the victim can obtain payment of damages.
  • Medical malpractice. The wrongful death lawyers are usually on call in case of death due to medical malpractice. For example, if a baby’s brain is damaged at birth and results in death due to the negligence of the doctor, it becomes a matter of a wrongful death lawyer. But if the baby’s brain was damaged and no deaths occurred at birth, while the case is for the personal injury lawyer. Moreover, developed diseases caused by medical malpractice are also considered injuries and would be supported by the personal injury lawyer. As usual, the personal injury lawyer works in obtaining compensation for the victim. If not, this professional can represent the victim for the legal sue against the applicant.

Usually, personal injury lawyers do not charge upfront fees. They just let the customer to sign a contract saying they will be paid a percentage of the compensation of injury that is earned. In addition, the total amount is due to the efforts of legal professional.

These efforts can be legal decisions out of a settlement or in court. With the decisions in court, the judge usually decides on what percentage the prosecutor should get.

By having a personal injury lawyer, you can maximize the compensation you can get because of your injury. Compensation may even be much higher than what you expected. That is if your lawyer is competent to prove your claims in court.

It is important to remember that all lawyers have different specializations. Some are civil attorneys or lawyers in family law while others are lawyers paid workers. But of course, you only need one type of lawyer to help you with any case of personal injury lawyers injury.