A Top 10 List of Characteristics of a Law Student (Translated)

I originally saw this blog content on a foreign language law student blog. I’ve tried to translate it as best I can into English as I think it relates really well! It has some nice synergy with the Cambridge blog post I put up last year.


In theory if you go to business school, for example, you should not develop too weird passion for digital marketing and cost accounting. Or maybe, if you’re a zany hair but who cares it’s not the point. The sweet little students who are moving to the right, they, however, grow through small typical of the way, who are perplexing the world.

  1. Law student has integrated the lawyers have their own humor to them, “I have never eaten with a corporation AHAH” Yes, even he laughed too, perfectly.
  2. Law student develops a side very, very, very litigious – A delay of 5 minutes from the train? Please accept this amicable meeting.
  3. The student in Paris right must choose sides
    Assas or Sorbonne. Few people understand why many are taking this rivalry seriously.
  4. Law student is at the end when we ask him questions relating to why its orientation
    No, I did not want to become a lawyer … It’s a little more complicated than that, and I’m not yet in Master, leave me all alone. No, not judge.
  5. Law student highlights, underlines, highlights
    the annual budget of a law student only for Luxembourg borders the wingtips of GDP.
  6. Law student is nervous when not using the right words
    Once and for all: a contract and a law has stipulated. But shit, what!
  7. Law student is the only evening that stops dancing on Happy Pharrell Williams
    He knows that lawyers are pursuing the singer who used people for his song clips without paying, and it now too afraid of reprisals to take any risk.
  8. Law student has little interest in his colleagues AES
    When studying him Montesquieu, Carbonnier, Rousseau believes that AES students read Tintin, Scrooge and Martine.
  9. Law student is schizophrenic
    At 10:00 there is a proud student of his industry but at 19.00 (after 3 hours of 6am and amphi TD) is on Onisep to reorient.
  10. Finally, the law student is legit

He promised you a top 10. That’s 10.

Do you recognize yourself?