Obama Up in All But Two Battleground States

Posted on April 14, 2012 at 1:06 pm

As of today, a little more than 200 days before the election, the Real Clear Politics polling averages in the battleground states show Obama up in nearly all of them:

Colorado – Obama up 13 points

Wisconsin – Obama up 12 points

Michigan – Obama up 11 points

Ohio – Obama up 9 points

Nevada – Obama up 7 points

Pennsylvania – Obama up 6 points

Missouri – Romney up 5 points

Arizona – Romney up 5 points

Florida – Obama up 4 points

Virginia – Obama up 4 points

New Hampshire – Obama up 4 points

Iowa – Obama up 3 points

North Carolina – Obama up 2 points

If the election were held today:

Obama – 347 electoral votes

Romney – 191 electoral votes

Even if we were to give Romney every state that Obama leads by less than 5 points:

Obama – 280 electoral votes

Romney – 258 electoral votes

When I hear Republicans say, “There is no way President Obama gets re-elected,” I marvel at the power of wishful thinking. Of course he can win. And he very well may.



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5 Comments to Obama Up in All But Two Battleground States

Jeremy Fritz
16 April 2012

How much of this is the unrest in the GOP race? Do you anticipate that some of this will begin to level out with the inevitable singling out of Romney as the nominee? Thus a firm matchup vs. suggested hypothetical?

Bob Hastings
16 April 2012

Well thank you very much Miss Mary Sunshine. LOL.

16 April 2012

Romney needs to do something big. He’s looking like John Kerry with the lack of enthusiasm around him.

17 April 2012

Mr. Hastings: You are quite welcome. I never let a good story get in the way of the facts.

Robert: Yep.

Mr. Fritz: Romney has a pretty good shot to catch up in the states in which he trails by 5 points or less. However, it is not a good sign for Romney that Obama is up by so much in WI, MI, OH, CO and NV. He is going to have to spend big there.

20 April 2012

I think electorally it will tighten up, but Obama still wins, its clear now how electorally he can and will pull it off! Gary Johnson is not going to be a factor for either Romney or Obama. The American public is still firmly a socialistic public. Its been a growing trend over 100 years! You can’t expect to turn that around that fast! Everyone thinks Obama tricked voters in 2008, but those who voted for him knew he was a socialist and wanted to vote for him just the same! Since Teddy Rosevelt the mindset of Americans has been steadily changing due to emotional propaganda to favor socialism over constitutional freedom! Its been a gradual insidious process and it is complete. If you love Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, you just have to go into hiding; oh wait, you can’t because there’s going to be millions of micro-drones patrolling the skies looking to round up patriots!

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